Posted August 29, 2022 • Last updated August 29, 2022

Watching This Week #77

News from the end of August 2022, including some updates on fall premiere dates.

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Hi, and welcome to the August 29, 2022, edition of Watching This Week, the weekly newsletter from Where Can I Watch – covering the latest news on where TV shows and movies will be available in Canada.

Following another fairly slow week for TV programming news, we briefly recap some news about fall arrivals, point out a new way to get Apple TV+ for less through Costco, and answer a reader question about Constantine. That's after our guide to the week ahead, of course.

A note about the upcoming long weekend: going forward, we intend to send out this newsletter weekly, even on holiday Mondays we might have skipped in the past, to ensure you have an up-to-date guide for that week. However, the long-weekend versions may be abbreviated to just the weekly guide, and that is likely what we will do this coming Monday.

What's new this week – August 29–September 4

Compiled from our monthly listings and/or any subsequent updates we've come across. Some series/seasons may have weekly rollouts; we won't list new episodes every week (though we may note significant episodes such as series finales). The most notable premiere for each service (where applicable, in our rough estimation) is bolded.

  • Netflix: I Came By (British thriller film – Wednesday); Love in the Villa (rom-com film – Thursday); S.W.A.T. (season 5 – Thursday); Young Sheldon (season 5 – Thursday); Devil in Ohio (thriller limited series with Emily Deschanel – Friday); Ivy + Bean (children's films – Friday); The Broken Hearts Gallery (2020 film – Sunday)
  • Disney+: American Horror Stories (season 2 – Wednesdays); When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren (Wednesday)
  • Crave: The Big Bang Theory (season 11 – Thursday); 1 Queen 5 Queers (season 2 – Thursdays); Elvis (2022 Baz Luhrmann film – Friday); A House on the Bayou (Blumhouse horror film – Friday); The Goldbergs (season 9 – Friday); Club Cumming Presents A Queer Comedy Extravaganza! (Showtime special – Friday); McEnroe (Showtime documentary film – Friday)
  • Prime Video: The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (prequel series to the books – premiere released Thursday at 9:00 p.m. ET, new episodes weekly on Fridays thereafter)
  • CBC Gem: Diana: The Ultimate Truth (documentary – Wednesday); Fakes (YA comedy series – starts Thursday); Islands (Canadian drama film – Thursday)
  • Paramount+: Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank (2022 animated film – Tuesday)
  • Showcase (also on StackTV): The Midwich Cuckoos (Thursdays)
  • W Network (also on StackTV): Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem ("Chapter 2" – Sunday, Sept. 4)

Programming news

  • A number of streaming services have confirmed their programming plans for September, including Netflix, Disney+, Crave, and CBC Gem. We're working on including these in out monthly guide for September, which should be in your inbox later this week.
    However, subsequent to its release, Crave confirmed that this year's Elvis movie would be available to stream this coming Friday, September 2.
  • Meanwhile, CTV has finally released its full set of fall premiere dates, which differs from its previously-announced fall schedule only in that The Amazing Race (U.S.) has moved to Wednesdays at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT to match CBS' scheduling change, bumping Big Sky to CTV2 in the same timeslot, and Lego Masters over to CTV at 9:00.

Other notes

  • is currently selling discounted one-year memberships on a number of Apple services, including Apple TV+, which is available for $54.99 plus tax, compared to the regular annual price of $59.99, or $5.99 per month ($71.88 if maintained at that rate for a full year). Like almost anything else at Costco, access to the discounted rate requires a Costco membership.
  • Our thanks to Ottawa Now with Kristy Cameron on 580 CFRA Ottawa for bringing us on last week for a quick discussion about a recent Ernst & Young study suggesting that many Canadians are considering cutting down on how much they spend for content. The audio is available here (segment starts at 25:45).


Here's a reader question we've received recently by email ( or Twitter (@wherewatchtv). We welcome questions of general interest, and publish a few of them (and our answers) from time to time; messages may be edited for brevity and clarity.

Anusha: Where can I stream Constantine, the series that was on NBC for one season, without having to buy it separately? Also, is there a streaming service that has all DC Comics titles in one place like Disney+ for Marvel titles?

WCIW: There isn’t a lot of demand among streaming services to be able to stream older single-season series like Constantine, unfortunately. The only option at the moment would be to buy the season through a digital retailer, as you’ve noted, or on DVD.

The series is owned by Warner Bros., so if / when the Warner Bros. Discovery streaming service HBO Max launches in Canada, there’s a good chance it’d be available there as it is in the United States.

That is really also your answer to whether there’ll be a service that collects the other DC movies and TV shows – almost all of that content is ultimately owned by Warner Bros. so it would be most logical for that content to land on HBO Max if it ever launches here. But that is unlikely to happen at least until HBO’s current contracts with Bell Media / Crave runs out, which is at least a few years away.

Until then, the best you can likely do is reach out to the services you subscribe to (or would be willing to subscribe to) and ask them about adding it, but ultimately it would be a business decision for them.

Recent updates on WCIW

As of this writing, the only major update from the past week was to our post about She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, just to indicate how to find the 2008 film The Incredible Hulk, as there is some backstory in the film for one of the villains in the ongoing Disney+ series (but the movie in question is not currently on Disney+ in Canada).

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