Posted November 27, 2023 • Last updated November 27, 2023

Watching This Week #132

Listings for Nov. 27–Dec. 3, 2023; Black Friday streaming deals, "The Daily Show" has a new Canadian home, and more.

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Welcome to the November 27, 2023, edition of Watching This Week, the weekly newsletter from Where Can I Watch – covering the latest news on where TV shows and movies will be available in Canada.

This week, we update all of the Black Friday / Cyber Monday offers still available, plus The Daily Show now officially has a new home in Canada. That's after this week's listings.

What's new this week – November 27–December 3

Compiled from our monthly listings and/or any subsequent updates we've come across. We strive for accuracy but schedules may change without notice. Some series/seasons may have weekly rollouts; we won't list new episodes every week (though we may note significant episodes such as series finales). *An asterisk denotes programming added in past weeks that we've learned about (or has been rescheduled) since our last newsletter.

Additional listings for Thursday through Sunday, December 1 to 3, may be included in our December listings roundup coming later this week.

  • Netflix
    • Series: Onmyōji (anime – Tuesday); Obliterated (action dramedy – Thursday); Virgin River (season 5, part 2 – Thursday); Sweet Home (season 2 – Friday)
    • Films: Family Switch (comedy – Thursday); May December (drama starring Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore – Friday); Confess, Fletch (2022 crime comedy film starring Jon Hamm – Friday)
    • Specials: Verified Stand-Up (short-set comedy special – Tuesday); The Bad Guys: A Very Bad Holiday (Thursday)
  • Disney+:
    • Films: Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (2023 sequel – Friday); The Shepherd (British short drama film – Friday); Timeless Heroes (Indiana Jones doc – Friday);
    • Series: Doctor Who (three 2023 specials starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate – Saturdays from Nov. 25* to Dec. 9); Marvel Studios Assembled (new edition about Loki S2 – Wednesday); American Horror Stories (season 3 – Wednesdays); The Artful Dodger (Australian series – Wednesday)
  • Crave:
    • CTV originals: Children Ruin Everything (season 3 – Friday); The Take Back (special – Friday)
    • HBO / Max programming: South to Black Power (doc – Tuesday); Bookie (dark comedy series – Thursdays); Selena + Chef: Home for the Holidays (cooking specials – Thursdays)
    • Films: Insidious: The Red Door (horror sequel – Friday)
    • Licensed: The Killing Kind (Paramount+ UK series – Friday); The O.C. (2003–07 series – Friday); Paw Patrol (seasons 4–5 – Saturday); Alvinnn!!! and the Chipmunks (season 3 – Saturday)
  • Prime Video:
    • Films: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 (2023 rom-com sequel – Tuesday); Candy Cane Lane (Christmas comedy – Friday)
  • CBC Gem:
    • Series: Call the Midwife (season 12 holiday specials – Friday); Das Boot (season 4 – Friday); The Great British Baking Show (2022 Christmas special – Sunday)
    • Docs: Eternal Spring (animated doc – Wednesday)
  • Paramount+ (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV):
    • Films: Binged to Death (MTV comedy thriller – Friday); Heist 88 (Showtime drama – Friday); Mad Heidi (2023 horror film – Friday); Swallowed (2023 horror film – Friday)
    • Docs: Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage (2010 doc – Wednesday); Thriller 40 (Showtime doc about the Michael Jackson song – Saturday)
    • Specials: CMT Smashing Glass (music special – Tuesday)
  • Apple TV+
    • Films: Sing-along version of Spirited (Friday)
    • Series: Special holiday episodes of Frog and Toad, Shape Island, and The Snoopy Show (Friday)
  • BritBox (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV)
    • Series: Chasing Shadows (crime drama – Tuesday); Shetland (S8 – Wednesdays)
  • FX (also on Citytv+)
    • SeriesFargo (season 5 – Tuesdays starting Nov. 21*) [belatedly added to last week's web version of the newsletter]
  • Starz (also available as an add-on/channel on Crave, Prime Video, and Apple TV)
    • Series: Power Book Ⅲ: Raising Kanan (season 3 – Fridays)
    • Films: Joy Ride (2023 comedy – Friday)

This week in deals

As a reminder, we may get an affiliate commission for services you sign up for through links in this newsletter, which helps support our site maintenance, at no additional cost to you. Prices are in Canadian dollars before applicable sales taxes, and may change in the future.

  • As mentioned last week, Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals from many streaming providers continue through at least today, though a few continue for a bit longer. Here are the useful ones we're aware of, some of which we've mentioned before. Unless noted, deals are available to new and at least some returning subscribers (but not current users). To our knowledge there are unfortunately no special deals on Netflix or Disney+.
    • Paramount+ – Save 50% on either standard or premium monthly plans for three months (promo monthly price starts at $4.99). Replaces an earlier offer only on the premium option. Ends Monday.
    • Prime Video Channels – Save 75% on most add-on channel options (like StackTV and Citytv+) for two months (promo monthly prices start at $1 each). Paramount+ is offering the same discount as direct subscriptions; some channels like Sportsnet have opted out entirely. End date not announced. Note there is no special discount available on Amazon Prime itself.
    • Crave / TSN / RDS – Save 40% on annual plans on the main Crave / TSN / RDS services for one year (promo annual prices start at $59.90 for Crave's basic ad-supported plan). Ends Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. Eastern. Does not include Starz or standalone TSN+ subscriptions.
    • BritBox – Pay $10 upfront for three months (regularly $9.99 per month). Ends Sunday, December 3 at 11:00 p.m. Eastern.
    • CBC Gem – Pay $1 per month for six months (regularly $4.99 per month) with promo code TRY6. Ends December 31 at 12:00 midnight Eastern (not 100% clear if that means the start or end of that day) or when code redeemed 40,000 times.
    • Also, while this isn't strictly TV-related... if you're not locked into a wireless contract and haven't looked at your plan recently, today wouldn't be a bad day to check out your options. Bring-your-own-phone plans with 50 GB in monthly data, plus unlimited talk and text, are available across Canada from Koodo, Virgin Plus, Fido, and Freedom for as low as $34 per month. Some retailers are offering unadvertised options that are even cheaper. However, today (Monday) may be the last day for these offers. For better or worse, the best way to get the best offers is to be prepared to switch providers.
  • Hollywood Suite will be in free preview on all traditional TV providers from this Friday, December 1 through Friday, January 5. Recent programming of note includes British horror comedy series Wreck, the Max docuseries 100 Years of Warner Bros., and Slasher: Ripper, the fifth season of the horror anthology series.

Programming news

  • Not surprisingly, Comedy Central's The Daily Show will be moving to Paramount+ in Canada. Episodes will be available on an exclusive, albeit next-day, basis starting Tuesday, December 5, according to the streaming service's December listings we received this past week.
    TDS previously aired in Canada on CTV and CTV Comedy. It was, of course, affected by the writers' strike, but did not return to the Bell Media channels when it resumed on October 16, apparently due to the end of Bell's deal with the Paramount-owned network.
  • Again, we'll have our full December listings roundup in the next few days, but a few other highlights from what we've seen to date: Crave will have a Viaplay series about longtime Maple Leafs player Börje Salming, as well as animated sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. CBC Gem will be adding Paramount-produced Max series Station Eleven (based on a recent Canada Reads-nominated book) which, at least for the moment, will remain on Crave as well.

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