Posted November 20, 2023 • Last updated November 21, 2023

Watching This Week #131

Listings for Nov. 20–26, 2023; the Black Friday deals we know of (and expect) so far; UFC gets a new Canadian home.

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Welcome to the November 20, 2023, edition of Watching This Week, the weekly newsletter from Where Can I Watch – covering the latest news on where TV shows and movies will be available in Canada.

We're keeping things brief this week but we do have updates on Black Friday deals, UFC rights, and another Canadian home for Jeopardy!, after this week's listings.

What's new this week – November 20–26

Compiled from our monthly listings and/or any subsequent updates we've come across. We strive for accuracy but schedules may change without notice. Some series/seasons may have weekly rollouts; we won't list new episodes every week (though we may note significant episodes such as series finales). *An asterisk denotes programming added in past weeks that we've learned about (or has been rescheduled) since our last newsletter.

As a result of feedback, we're trying a slightly different listings format this week. Please feel free to let us know what you think by replying to this newsletter if you got it by email (or email us directly at

  • Netflix
    • SeriesSquid Game: The Challenge (reality adaptation – Wednesdays); My Little Pony: Make Your Mark (part 6 – Thursday); My Daemon (anime-style – Thursday)
    • FilmsLeo (2023 Indian thriller – Tuesday); Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021 film – Tuesday); Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City (2021 film – Friday)
    • Docs – Stamped from the Beginning (based on the Ibram X. Kendi book – Monday); High on the Hog (season 2 – Wednesday)
  • Disney+
    • SeriesFaraway Downs (serialized version of 2008 Baz Luhrmann film Australia – Sunday)
    • FilmsThe Naughty Nine (Disney Channel Christmas heist film – Thursday)
    • LibraryThe Great Christmas Light Fight (season 10 – Wednesday); The Incredible Dr. Pol (season 23 – Wednesday); PJ Masks (season 5 – Wednesday)
  • Crave
    • SeriesCross Country Cake Off (season 1 – Friday); Mary Makes It Easy: Good Baking Wenceslas (special episode – Friday); Wipeout (additional S2 episodes – Friday); The Freak Brothers (S2 part 1 – Saturday); Power Players (season 1 – Saturday)
    • FilmsFool's Paradise (2023 comedy – Friday); Love Again (2023 rom-com – Friday); No Hard Feelings (2023 sex comedy – Friday); The Price We Pay (2023 horror – Friday)
  • Prime Video
    • SeriesComedy Island Japan (reality-ish – Wednesday); Felipe Avello stand-up special (Wednesday); LOL: Last One Laughing Brazil (season 3 – Friday)
    • FilmsBottoms (2023 teen sex comedy – Tuesday); Elf Me (Italian film – Friday); Hypnotic (2023 mystery – Friday)
  • CBC Gem
    • SeriesHarlots (season 3 – Friday)
    • FilmsThe White Fortress (2021 Bosnian-Canadian drama – Friday)
    • DocsSwan Song (Karen Kain docuseries – Wednesday); Another Body (deepfake tech doc – Wednesday)
  • Paramount+ (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV)
    • SeriesNCIS: Sydney (one week delay from Global – Tuesdays); One Trillion Dollars (German miniseries – Thursday)
    • FilmsGood Burger 2 (Kenan & Kel comedy sequel – Wednesday); Sheroes (2023 action film – Thursday)
    • Docs – MTV-commissioned short subjects: Alive in Bronze; Birthing a Nation; Last Songs from Kabul; A Tattoo on My Brain; The ABCs of Book Banning (all Tuesday)
    • LibraryThe Hills / New Beginnings (2006–21 – Tuesday); Good Burger (1997 – Wednesday)
  • Apple TV+
    • SpecialsThe Velveteen Rabbit (family special – Wednesday); Hannah Waddingham: Home for Christmas ( variety, featuring the Ted Lasso co-star – Wednesday)
  • BritBox (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV)
    • SeriesHope Street (S3 part 1 – Wednesday)
  • Showcase (also on StackTV)
    • SeriesThe Lazarus Project (season 2 – Tuesdays*)
  • FX (also on Citytv+)
    • SeriesFargo (season 5, this time starring Juno Temple and Jon Hamm – Tuesdays) [*added Nov. 21, meant to include but overlooked somehow]

This week in deals

As a reminder, we may get an affiliate commission for services you sign up for through links in this newsletter, which helps support our site maintenance, at no additional cost to you. Prices are in Canadian dollars before applicable sales taxes, and may change in the future.

  • Black Friday and Cyber Monday typically brings special offers from many of the major streaming services. All we know about so far are the offers we mentioned last week from Crave (40% off one year of an annual subscription) and Paramount+ (50% off the first three months of its premium plan).
    There are typically also offers for new and returning subscribers from Disney+, as well as from Prime Video Channels, but we can't guarantee anything unfortunately.

Programming news

  • We missed this last week but Sportsnet and TVA Sports will be retaking the rights to UFC programming in Canada beginning in January. The mixed martial arts organization, which recently merged with WWE under the Endeavor-controlled TKO Group, had been carried by the Rogers and Quebecor-owned channels from 2011 to 2014, with TSN/RDS taking over shortly after Rogers' new NHL contract came into effect (most of UFC's key events are on Saturday nights, which of course is also a key night for the NHL).

    There's no obvious single reason for the change. Possibilities include Rogers likely taking a smaller NHL rights package after its current contract ends in 2026, the opportunity for TKO to consolidate its Canadian broadcast rights with a single partner (Rogers also has WWE rights, at least through next year), perhaps TSN souring on the property, or simply a better financial offer – or some combination of those.
  • We also noticed recently that there is now a national Canadian channel carrying Jeopardy! – albeit on a several-weeks delay from the main syndicated edition. GameTV, a specialty channel owned by Leonard Asper's Anthem group which has negotiated itself into the basic packages of many providers including Rogers, is airing the game show weeknights at 8:30 p.m. ET. When we checked this week, the episodes being aired were the same ones that had aired on IndieNet (and in U.S. syndication) five weeks previously.
    We didn't have an opportunity to verify this past week, but it's probable that GameTV is just airing the "Daytime Jeopardy!" package (which also airs weekdays on IndieNet), which used to consist of episodes from the previous season but has more recently been episodes from earlier in the season.

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