Posted October 16, 2023 • Last updated October 16, 2023

Watching This Week #127

Listings for Oct. 16–22, 2023; "The Nun Ⅱ" comes to streaming soon; "Star Trek: Prodigy" moves to Netflix – but not in Canada; and more.

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Welcome to the October 16, 2023, edition of Watching This Week, the weekly newsletter from Where Can I Watch – covering the latest news on where TV shows and movies will be available in Canada.

This past week was relatively quiet in the programming rights world, though this coming week may be different as the annual MIPCOM conference takes place in Cannes. For this week, we do have a bit of news about Star Trek: Prodigy, plus there are now even more places to watch The Chosen, not that it was ever that hard to find to begin with. That's after this week's listings, of course.

What's new this week – October 16–22

Compiled from our monthly listings and/or any subsequent updates we've come across. We strive for accuracy but schedules may change without notice. Some series/seasons may have weekly rollouts; we won't list new episodes every week (though we may note significant episodes such as series finales). *An asterisk denotes programming added in past weeks that we've learned about (or has been rescheduled) since our last newsletter.

  • Netflix: Heather McMahan: Son I Never Had (comedy special – Tuesday); I Woke Up a Vampire (preteen series – Tuesday); Neon (comedy series – Thursday); Big Mouth (S7 – Friday); Doona! (Korean series – Friday); Elite (S7 – Friday); Flashback (horror short – Friday); Old Dads (comedy film – Friday); Surviving Paradise (reality series – Friday)
  • Disney+: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (new 4K restoration of the 1937 animated film – Monday); Werewolf by Night (colourized version of 2022 special – Friday)
  • Crave: Lovestruck (fashion doc sponsored by Kruger Products – Thursday, Oct. 12*); The Insurrectionist Next Door (HBO doc from Alexandra Pelosi – Sunday, Oct. 15*); Navajo Police: Class 57 (HBO docuseries – Tuesday); Dark Side of Comedy (S2 – Tuesdays); Citizen Minutes (season 2 of short docs series – Wednesday); A Love Song (2022 drama film – Friday); The Machine (2023 action comedy film – Friday); Wipeout (S2, part 2 – Friday); You Can Live Forever (2022 Canadian film – Friday); AKA Mr. Chow (HBO doc – Sunday)
  • Prime Video: The Greatest Show Never Made (British docuseries – Tuesday); That Cover Girl (Malaysian drama series – Thursday); Bosch: Legacy (S2 – Friday); The Other Zoey (teen film – Friday); Sayen: Desert Road (action film sequel – Friday); Silver Dollar Road (doc – Friday); Surrounded (2023 Western film – Friday); Upload (season 3 – Friday)
  • CBC Gem and/or CBC TV: Black Life: Untold Stories (docuseries – Wednesdays); The Bannocking (short-form series – Friday); Code 8 (2019 film – Friday); The Fifth Estate (season 49 – Fridays); One Night (Norwegian series – Friday)
  • Paramount+ (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV): Criminal Minds (2005–present series – seasons added weekly on Mondays); Billy the Kid (S2, part 1 – Monday); Paranormal Activity film series (Tuesday); Behind the Music (season 2 – Wednesday); The Burning Girls (British series – Thursday); Baby Ruby (2023 horror film – Friday); Fear the Night (2023 action film – Friday)
  • Apple TV+: The Pigeon Tunnel (doc – Friday)
  • BritBox (also available as a channel on Prime Video and Apple TV): The Thief, His Wife and The Canoe: The Real Story (doc – Monday); This Farming Life (S6 – Tuesdays); Payback (crime thriller series – Thursdays)
  • Citytv (also on Citytv+): FBoy Island (season 3 of the reality series, previously on HBO Max and Crave – Mondays)
  • CHCH / CHEK / CBS: Frasier (linear TV premiere of first two episodes only of Paramount+ revival series, at least for now; P+ remains the only service streaming the new season in Canada – Tuesday)
  • Showcase (also on StackTV): John Carpenter's Suburban Screams (Peacock series – Wednesdays); Sick (Peacock/Blumhouse horror film – Friday)
  • CTV Comedy: Acting Good (season 2 of the Canadian series starring Paul Rabliauskas – Mondays)
  • AMC (available on AMC+ on Prime Video and Apple TV): Fear the Walking Dead (S8 part 2 – Sundays [note that AMC+ is no longer promising earlier Thursday releases])

Programming news

  • The recent Warner Bros. horror film The Nun Ⅱ is scheduled to premiere on Crave 1 on Saturday, October 28; per past practice, it will likely be available to stream the day before on Crave. As has become typical for WB films, especially those coming to streaming so close to their theatrical runs (The Nun Ⅱ was only released in theatres on September 8), the premiere was not announced in Crave's monthly listings.
  • A few months ago, Paramount+ pulled Star Trek: Prodigy, which Paramount says was the first series in the franchise intended for younger audiences (there seems to be some debate over the intended audience of the 1973–74 animated series), from streaming availability, apparently for a tax write-off, before its in-production second season could be released.

    The show's producer, Paramount subsidiary CBS Studios, has now sold streaming rights to both seasons of Prodigy to Netflix. However it appears the deal excludes the parts of Europe served by Comcast/Paramount joint venture service SkyShowtime, which still carries the series, as well as Canada, where Star Trek: Prodigy remains (or at least recently re-appeared) on CTV's streaming platforms.

    One would expect that if Bell Media is able to hold onto unaired episodes of one company's tax write-off leftovers, surely the remaining episodes of Warner Bros. Discovery write-off The Nevers (now available on Tubi in the U.S.) are not far behind... right?
  • The Adult Swim Canada schedule indicates that the upcoming Max adult animated series Scavengers Reign will air on that channel Friday nights at midnight ET (technically Saturday mornings for many) starting October 27–28. The difference between Scavengers Reign and Max's other recent in-house WBD adult animated productions like Velma, which ended up on Crave, seems to be that the former was based on a 2016 pilot originally developed for Adult Swim, with trademark filings for the series having been in the name of the WBD subsidiary that runs Cartoon Network/Adult Swim.

    Speaking of Adult Swim Canada, because we'd listed the October 11 broadcast of adult animated series Archer as the series finale in two recent posts, we should note that FX has just announced a three-part standalone finale. The finale will air on FX and FXX in the U.S. on Sunday, December 17, but the current schedule for Adult Swim in Canada is showing the finale as potentially airing this Wednesday, October 18. We would not be surprised if the latter was based on an earlier plan and will be adjusted.
  • In case you missed it on Netflix, Paramount+, Super Channel, The CW, or the producers' own Angel Studios app, the Christian historical drama series The Chosen began airing Saturday afternoons on Yes TV this past weekend, and will air Thursday nights on History (in Canada) starting this week. In connection with the latter, all three seasons to date are also now available to stream for free on the Global TV website/app.

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