Posted August 4, 2022 • Last updated August 4, 2022

Where can I watch "Days of Our Lives" in Canada?

Confused about what's happening with the long-running soap opera in Canada? We'll try to explain.

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Days of Our Lives is one of the longest-running American daytime serials or "soap operas". Showing the lives and loves of several families in the fictional town of Salem, Illinois, the program has aired weekdays on the NBC network in the United States since November 8, 1965.

For much of that time, Canadians have also been able to watch the series, either through NBC stations carried on Canadian cable systems, or through local broadcast stations – currently airing on the Global network in most parts of Canada, and on partner station NTV in Newfoundland and Labrador. NBC's default airtime for the show is weekdays at 1:00 p.m. ET – which is also used by Global in Ontario – but broadcast times vary by region.

On August 3, NBCUniversal – the division of U.S. cable company Comcast that owns the NBC network – announced that, for viewers in the United States, Days of Our Lives would move exclusively to its Peacock streaming service – which is not available in Canada in an authorized way – beginning on Monday, September 12, 2022. As a result, DOOL will no longer be available on NBC stations from that point forward.

However, to the best of our knowledge, Canadians watching Days of Our Lives through Global (and NTV) should not be affected, at least for now. NBCUniversal's decision should not affect the Canadian broadcast rights held by Global's parent company, Corus Entertainment, which that broadcaster acquires directly from the program's producer and distributor, Corday Productions and Sony Pictures Television (respectively).

In fact, Days of Our Lives was specifically mentioned in Global's fall 2022 schedule announcement which, although issued in June before the Peacock announcement, clearly indicates that Global expected to (and, presumably, had already secured the necessary contracts to) carry the daytime drama into the next TV season. In any event, Corus also has a separate contract with NBCU for the Canadian rights to Peacock original programs (or at least those produced by NBC's in-house production company Universal Television), so that matter would not cause a conflict in this case.

In addition to linear broadcast on Global, recent episodes of Days are available through the Global TV app – the past week of episodes is available to all without a subscription, while other episodes from roughly the previous three weeks are available to authenticated cable TV subscribers. The same selection of episodes is available through StackTV, Corus' paid streaming package which is available as an add-on to Prime Video among other platforms, typically for about $12.99 (plus applicable taxes) per month.

That said, now that the NBC network is dropping the show, one of the key reasons for Global airing the series – simultaneous substitution of NBC, at least in much of the country – will no longer apply. Thus, Corus may have the option to move Days off of broadcast TV as well, in which case new episodes could premiere either on one of its cable channels like W Network, or directly on the Global app and/or StackTV. However, there has been no indication so far that such a move is imminent.

We reached out to Corus shortly after the Peacock announcement to confirm their plans, and we will update this post if they respond, or if any other pertinent information comes to our attention.

What about spinoffs like "Beyond Salem"?

In addition to the main daily series, there have been two spinoffs that are exclusive to Peacock in the United States; to date, Corus has also held the broadcast rights to these programs in Canada.

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem – a limited series which follows several current and former characters on the main series on adventures outside the main setting of Salem – premiered on Peacock the week of September 6, 2021. These episodes became available in Canada on StackTV and the Global TV app (for W Network cable subscribers) the same day, and aired on W Network on October 11. "Volume 2" of Beyond Salem premiered in the U.S. the week of July 11, 2022, and will debut in Canada on Sunday, September 4 on both W Network and StackTV.

Days of Our Lives: A Very Salem Christmas, a Christmas movie based on the series, premiered on Peacock – and on StackTV in Canada – on December 16, 2021, and aired the following month on W Network. It, too, is now also available on the Global TV app for those who receive W Network as part of their cable/satellite/fibre TV service.

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